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PLD (Pulsed Laser Deposition)

- Excimer laser and Vacuum chamber

Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) is a thin film deposition (specifically a physical vapor deposition, PVD) technique where a high power pulsed laser beam is focused inside a vacuum chamber to strike a target of the material that is to be deposited.


DC Sputter

DC (direct current) sputtering is a material deposition process used to coat substrate structures with thin films of different materials. The process involves bombarding a donor material with ionized gas molecules, thus causing a displacement of donor atoms.


Precision LC

Precision LC can measure electrical properties of oxide thin film for PE hysteresis, leakage current, fatigue and imprint test and so on.


High Voltage Source

High voltage source can impose high voltage to high resistive materials. It works together with Precision LC.


Impedance Analyser (HP 4194A)

The HP 4194A Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer is an integrated solution for efficient measurement and analysis or go/no-go testing of components and circuits.  Detailed impedance and transmission characteristics, including secondary parameter derivations, can be simply and quickly evaluated or tested.


LCR Meter (HP 4284A)

HP 4284A precision LCR meter is a cost-effective solution for component and material measurement.  It can be used to improve component quality by providing an accurate, high-throughput test solution.

-20 Hz to 1 MHz test range

-1% basic accuracy

-High-speed measurements: 15 ms

-1 m/3 m errorless cable with APC-3.5 test head



Furnace can be used to calcinate or sinter a ceramic materials for PLD target. Temperature upper bound is 1500 °C.


Cold Isostatic Press (CIP)

Cold Isotropic Pressure applies pressure to sample to 2000kg/cm2 using oil pressure. This facility is usually used for manufacturing the ceramic sample.


Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA)

RTA can heat the materials upon 1200 °C. It is used for measuring electrical properties above room temperature.

Oxford Superconducting Magnet System

The world-leading split-pair superconducting magnet system which provides optical access to a sample in a variable horizontal magnetic field (up to 7T) and low temperature environment (from 0.45 to 300 K). And all measurement settings are programmed by Lab-view.

Electrochemistry Impedance Spectroscopy

An analytic tool for the investigation of impedance in surface engineering, electrochemical power generation, corrosion research, catalysis, and other basic electrochemical research.

Centrifuge (max. 4000 rpm)

Low speed centrifuge for the separation of micro-particles from a suspension. [capacity: 50 ml X 4 tubes]

Centrifuge (max. 15000 rpm)

High speed centrifuge for the separation of nano-particles from a suspension. [capacity: 50 m X 6 tubes]

IMPS/IMVS (Intensity-Modulated Photocurrent Spectroscopy/Intensity-Modulated Photovoltage Spectroscopy)

The Zahner CIMPS system based on LED arrays. Analysis of the periodic current response to the intensity-modulated light, providing kinetic information on the charge transport and the recombination under short-circuit and open-circuit conditions.

pH Meter

An electronic instrument for the measurement of the pH of a sample, where the pH value is determined by the activity of the hydrogen cations surrounding a thin-walled glass probe tip.

Screen Printer

A manual type printer for the deposition of nano-particle colloids onto the glass substrate.

Solar Simulator

An analytic tool that provides illumination approximating natural sunlight (AM 1.5, 1 Sun). This equipment is mainly used for the evaluation of the light-energy conversion efficiency.

Ultrasonic Processor

An electronic apparatus for the dispersion of nano-materials.

Vacuum Oven

A vacuum drying oven for flammable and non-flammable solvents for safe drying without residues or oxidation.

Ultrapure Water System

A water purification system that provides deionized water.

Solvothermal Reactor

An apparatus for the solution-based nano-material synthesis under high temperature and pressure.

Circulating Aspirator

A rotary evaporation system for efficient and gentle removal of solvents from samples.



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