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Ferroelectric and Hybrid Perovskite Photovoltaics

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Welcome to Lab. of Multiferroic and Photovoltaic Nanostructures at POSTECH.  We are actively doing research in a variety of different topics that involve functional oxides. More specifically, we focus our research activity on the following three major areas: (i) predicting electronic structures and materials properties from first-principles quantum mechanical calculations, (ii) fundamental study of multiferroic materials and their applications to design and fabrication of functional nanostructures, and (iii) solar cells (photo-voltaic) nanostructures.

The unique feature and the excellence of our research stem from the fact that Prof. Hyun M. Jang, a group leader, is very strong in fundamental theory (both quantum and statistical mechanics). In Research Page, we will outline three main areas of research which typically represent our ongoing research activities.



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