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Special Lectures by Prof. Jang


* Special Lectures on Applied Quantum and Statistical Mechanics

(01) Wave Nature of Particles

(02) Wave Packets and the Uncertainty Principle

(03) Schrödinger Equation and Wave Function

(04) Basic Postulates and Principles of Quantum Mechanics

(05) Quantum Mechanics for Simple Potentials

(06) Quantum Harmonic Oscillator

(07) Quantum Mechanics in Three Dimension

(08) Angular Momentum in Quantum Mechanics

(09) Hydrogen Atom and Quantum Numbers

(10) Electron Spin and Angular-Momentum Coupling in Multielectron Atoms

(11) Formalism of Spin Angular Momentum

(12) Introduction to Molecular Orbital Theory (MOT)

(13) Molecular Orbitals and Chemical Bonding in Simple Molecules

(14) Pi(¥ð)-Electron Molecular Orbitals and Symmetry-allowed Reactions

(15) Chemical Bonding and Crystal-Field Splitting in Inorganic Materials

(16) Energy Bands and Band Gaps in Crystalline Solids

(17) Electronic Transitions and Selection Rules in Molecules

(18) Fluorescence, Phosphorescence, and LASER

(19) Time-dependent Perturbation Theory and Fermi¡¯s Golden Rule

(20) Theory of Electron-Photon Interaction and Scattering Rates

(21) Interband Transitions in Bulk Semiconductors

(22) Interband Transitions in Quantum Wells (under construction)

(23) Basic Concepts and Assumptions in Statistical Mechanics

(24) Statistical Ensembles and Partition Functions

(25) Statistical Fluctuations and the Wiener-Khintchine Theorem

(26) Fermi-Dirac and Bose-Einstein Statistics

(27) Systems of Monatomic and Diatomic Ideal Gases

(28) Classical Statistical Mechanics

(29) Quantum Statistics and Density Matrix

(30) Quantum Linear Response Theory (LRT)

(31) Applications to Dielectric Relaxations

(32) Theory of the Mode-Mode Coupling in Ferroelectrics

(33) Theory of Cooperative Phenomena, Part 1

(34) Theory of Cooperative Phenomena, Part 2



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